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Do it with passion or not at all

With a spirit troubled with different ideas and colors, I started my journey to seek my dream.

The first stop was in 2009 when I discovered a fascination for combining colors. For a moment I believed I had found what my dream was, and that was to be a makeup artist. However, realizing my passion for playing with color I began to want more than being a makeup artist. I cultivated a desire for discovering new things, and this has been a part of each new direction I took in life. After two years I experienced another reality, a different realization, on paper. The blank paper in front of me slowly began to build form right before my very eyes. At first it was with a few imperfect lines, but as the drawing grew nearer to completion the paper began to develop a life of its own. I noticed a play with shading, with values, and with all sorts of grays that I never realized before had surrounded me. As the year went by, with God’s help I managed to win five drawing contests of which three of my drawings appeared in the city newspaper in the United States. I also won a number of painting workshops to study under the mentorship of artist Rome Milan in the United States. That is when my passion for black and white began to capture color.

As I dived deeper in this newfound passion and other arts I knew for sure that this was the path on which I wanted to go into the future. My journey until that moment was extraordinary, but I wasn’t fully sure of my dream.

In 2011, with the money I won in the past art contests I was able to acquire my first DSLR camera. My appreciation for photography had always existed, yet I had no intention to seek this direction, much less become a photographer. As a student in my first year of college in a city new to me and very few friends around, I carried my camera with me around my neck everywhere because of my desire to learn as much as I can about photography. I began to appreciate my surroundings more, be it a child’s smile running in the park, or the simplicity of another person reading under the shade of a tree. With little fear and skepticism I began to move forward in this journey of photography. I knew it would be difficult because this market is massive and I didn’t want to be yet another person who jumps into this field. I wanted then, and I want now my vision for photography to make a difference.

I thank God for His help throughout my life, because even in my lowest moments of discouragement He gave me the strength to move forward and pursue my goals, and I know now that I have found what I was searching for, my dream.


“Thank you for the time, talent, and experience you have put into my family session and dirty 30 photo session. Your ideas, input and enthusiasm made my session a lot smoother. I am beyond happy with the final results and cannot wait to share with family and friends!!
If you are looking for an exceptional photographer Stephany is your girl. Her work is AWESOME!!!
Thank you again, and I look forward to using you in the near future!”

“Stephany went beyond our expectations with my maternity pictures! I am so in love with our pictures, they are just perfect. She is always very responsive and if I had any questions she would make sure all my questions were answered. My boyfriend hates taking pictures, but when we got to the location Stephany made us feel very comfortable and he actually enjoyed it. I highly recommend her and will definitely be booking her in the future!”

“My fiancé and I booked Stephany for our engagement photos and couldn’t be happier with the end result. She helped position us in flattering stances and created beautiful lighting for the shoot. Stephany also edited and delivered our photos in one week. It was a fantastic experience and we highly recommend her!”

“My little family couldn’t thank Stephany enough for the beautiful photos she captured of us and made the photos a memory that will last a lifetime! She is very warm, engaging and awesome with children, especially with my busy 1 year old daughter and 5 year old son. You will never disappointed putting your special in her talented hands. She does such a phenomenal job and a joy to work with. When ever I hear someone is in a need of a photographer, she’s the person I would recommend. Can’t thank her enough for my family memory!”

“Highly highly recommend Stephany! She is amazing, we have had two family sessions with her and every time we are left speechless with her work! Her husband and her make the photoshoot as smooth as possible. She is very professional and talented! you will NOT be disappointed!”

“100% recommend Stephany! We had a family session and she completely made us feel super comfortable, played with our kids and took amazing shots!! We absolutely love our pictures we’ve already made so many into canvases in our home”

“Highly recommend Stephany Ficut Photography! Such an amazing and professional photographer plus they’re great with babies! Couldn’t be any more pleased with our family pictures”

“I had a session with Stephany and I can confidently say I have never ever in my life looked better in pictures. I knew she was really good, but seeing my photos confirmed this so much more. My family and I are in total awe. Everyone who sees my photographs have nothing but praise for her work. I know I have found my photographer for all my important life occasions, and I can’t wait for the next one to be in awe of her pictures again. When she says “Let’s work some magic”, believe her because she certainly will. She also has great customer service and I have grown to love that about her. Her husband is also a very nice person and they work well together. Thank you so much Stephany. I still look at my pictures every single day, and I’ve chosen a few that I’m going to enlarge “

“Stephany and her husband are the best to work with. They are an amazing team, they understand each other and get the best pictures possible. She is extremely professional, straight forward, helpful, and diligent. The pictures turned out amazing, just as I had hoped for and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. Cant wait to work with her again.”

“I ABSOLUTELY love my graduation photos! It was such a great experience working with a very talented photographer! She made it fun and comfortable! I was able to tell her what I wanted or what I didn’t want. The process was fast as well, in just a day I had a preview of one of my main photos! And in just a week or less I had all my photos! College was an important part of of my life and thanks to Stephany I will forever be able to go back and admire my amazing photos!”